"Dance - an art form.

The body - an instrument. Learn to play

the instrument

and master the art form."


- Debbie Dee


Barangay Rondalla Ensemble

The newest program of Barangay is the Rondalla Ensemble. The first generation of rondalla players started seven years ago under the musical direction of Tomas Manuel, founding member of the Fil-Am Vets Rondalla in San Francisco, California.


In April 2011, Barangay started a new ensemble composed of 7 members learning the basics on how to play the various rondalla instruments -  Bandurria, Octavina and Laud - using the music notations written and arranged by Tomas Manuel.


Currently, Barangay's Rondalla Ensemble is training with Herna Cruz-Louie, Executive Director and Co-Founder of the American Center of Philippine Arts (ACPA). 

The goals of the ensemble are to become adept with their instruments, to accompany Barangay Company Dance in performances and to perform for various community and multicultural events.


Barangay Rondalla Ensemble practices every Sunday from 6:30PM to 9:00 PM.  If you are interested in joining, please contact info@barangay.org


Barangay Percussion Ensemble

Barangay members possess many talents. In addition to being talented dancers, some are skillful musicians who are also eager to express themselves in music by playing the percussive instruments that accompany some of the dances in Barangay's repertoire. These include the instruments that comprise the kulintang ensemble and instruments of the Philippine Cordillera.


Current members of Barangay's Percussion Ensemble initially learned to play the kulintang from taking classes with Master Danongan Kalanduyan at Skyline College and received further training from Robert Claro Lopez, former Music Coordinator of Bayanihan and current Music Director of Lahing Kayumanggi, in preparation for Barangay's "Kaugnayan" show in 2009.