“To dance is to reach for a word that doesn’t exist,

To sing the heartsong of a thousand generations,

To feel the meaning of a moment in time.”

- Beth Jones


Mission Statement

Barangay Dance Company is a San Francisco-based Filipino Folk dance organization whose mission is to preserve the rich Filipino cultural heritage through the arts of Philippine folk dancing and music. Through presenting, outreach and research of Philippine folk dance and music, Barangay endeavors to promote awareness, understanding and appreciation of the Filipino culture within the communities it serves.


Barangay's purpose is:

(1)  To preserve, promote awareness, and foster understanding and appreciation of the Philippine cultural heritage within the general public through public presentation of Philippine dances and music, workshops, lecture/demonstrations, and any and all other appropriate means,
(2)  To provide a nurturing environment for the growth and development of the Filipino performing artist by providing formal and thorough instructions in Philippine dances and music,
(3)  To develop skillful, intelligent, and passionate practitioners of Philippine dance and music, and
(4)  To enrich the lives of Filipinos in America by keeping the Filipino cultural traditions alive.


Barangay's artistic vision is to realize Philippine folk dance and music as a viable part of the mainstream performing arts community.